Silver Smith is a premium luxury jewellery brand situated in Mumbai that was born from a compelling concept of STATEMENT Jewellery that is accepted by both men and women.

Our items include sterling silver neckpieces and wristbands, which are made up of 92.5 percent silver with an alloy of copper and other metals.

We wanted to come together as a brand to create pieces that addressed the world through precise, beautiful jewellery.
All of our products are designed to honour and contribute to the way of life and craftsmanship that is transforming the Indian fashion jewellery business.

Team Members

Yash Soni


We are a luxury silver jewelry brand which provides unique statement pieces for both him and her. Our goal is to create an awareness around silver jewelry fashion for the millennial and Gen Z. To inculcate the value of the metal not only for investment purposes but also take it forward and show their best version of themselves through our jewelry. This brand was built to serve our audience on the internet while uplifting their confidence and style sense with Silver Smith.

Dev Soni


To be the most perceived and reasonable extravagance jewelry brand within MUMBAI and to add magnificence to our clients with our carefully created fine products. Not just we need to plan and curate jewelry that surpasses client assumptions, additionally assist each and every person with growing out of their own style and make an imprint and increment in personal style statement.

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