1. The rate per gram charged for gold is as mentioned in the cash memo. As the gold rate at any given time is not uniform in the market; Company does not make any representation with regard to gold rate mentioned in the cash memo and the rates may vary from other retailers.
2. If customer pays (i) full amount of the Invoice for purchase of any product by Cheque/PO/DD, OR (ii) Partly by Cheque/PO/DD and partly in Cash, the delivery of the product purchased from the Company against the bill, will be made only after realization of the amount, by the Company.
3. The Customer is advised to inspect the product for any defect at the time of purchase/delivery and immediately bring the same to the notice of the Company staff, where after no complaint regarding any damage the product shall be entertained.
4. No complaint will be entertained by the Company if:
* The jewellery is damaged due to customer mishandling the jewellery.
* The jewellery is altered and/or repaired by a person not authorized by Company.
5. For any loss or damage of jewellery purchased under this bill issued by the Company, the Company shall.not be liable or responsible for any indirect or consequential loss & damage.
6. Exchange/Monetary Refund scheme for used Gold Jewellery, Gold Coins & Diamond Jewellery
* To avail exchange and monetary refund under the scheme, customer has to produce original sale invoice and certificate issued by company
* Jewellery sold at Krishna Jewellers will be valued as per the prevailing terms and conditions of the Company’s exchange/ monetary refund scheme.
* Jewellery pieces will be accepted for exchange/monetary refund after quality check i.e. due examination and inspection undertaken by the company to ascertain any damage, weight & originality of the jewellery.
* The loss of weight (gold content) can be due to wear and tear.
* Making charges and values of all other stones, beads, pearls and taxes will be completely deducted.
7. At the time of exchange or buy back of jewellery purchased from the company’s, the company will value jewellery prices on the following basis. * The Company’s original cash memo & certificate should be produced at the time of exchange or buy back along with government issued photo identity of Customer in original seeking buyback/exchange.
* For gold exchange your jewellery will be valued on the net weight of gold on the prevailing days gold rate. The final weight of the gold will be net of all pearls, stones, laakh (i.e. wax) dust, dirt and any other extraneou material.
8. Exchange & Buy back valuation of Gold jewellery/Gold coin.
* For exchange of gold jewellery / gold coin, it will be valued on the prevailing days gold rate, for the same purity on final net weight of the gold.
* For monetary refund of gold jewellery / gold coin there will be additional deduction of on the exchange value of the said product.
9. Exchange & Buy back valuation of Diamond jewellery. * Diamond jewellery will be valued, at prevailing price of the gold as per the purity of gold used in diamond jewellery and for the diamond based on the quality, weight, colour and size of diamond used in jewellery piece.
* If any discount is offered on diamond selling price in the sales invoice the same will be further deducted from the exchange value derived from the valuation of the product on prevailing price.
* Instead of an exchange, if the customer requests for monetary refund there will be an additional deduction of 15% on the exchange value of diamond jewellery.
10. All payment for purchase by the Company of the customer’s old jewellery will be made through Cheque, RTGS or NEFT within 7 days from the date of purchase only.
11. Payment shall be made only to the person producing the Original cash memo and carrying a valid government issued photo identity.
12. The Company reserves the right to revise, add, delete or modify the terms and conditions here of at any time without any prior notice and in such case the revised terms and conditions shall apply on and from the date of such revision Any matter/claim/dispute arising out of the transaction will be subject to the jurisdiction of Mumbai courts only.
13. All studed Jewellery bought under this invoice wherein weight of the stone/s (precious stone, diamond, pearl, vilandi, un-cut diamond etc) has been deducted from the gross weight of the Jewellery. We, Krishna Jewellers, considers only net weight of the Jewellery under the exchange or buy back scheme. The gold rate of exchange or buy back jewellery will be as of date.

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